Web Accessibility Policy

Our Commitment

Hawaiian Airlines Cruise Vacations is committed to making its websites accessible to all people, including those that may have disabilities. Accordingly, we have adopted the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 as the technical accessibility standard for our websites, with a goal of meeting compliance level AA.

Our Accessibility Functionalities

Consistent with our commitment to web accessibility, our websites offer accessibility functionalities such as:

  • Compatibility with commonly-used assistance browsers, tools and technologies
  • Website navigability with commonly used assistive devices and keyboard-only
  • Understandable headers and labels for web pages and forms
  • Equivalent text for appropriate images and visual elements
  • Appropriate color contrasting and use of styles and fonts
  • Meaningful link text to enable users to effectively and quickly identify destination on the site

Hawaiian Airlines Cruise Vacations will continue to update our websites consistent with developing accessibility standards and technology.

Guidance For Screen Reader Users

If you use a screen reader to access our websites, we recommend the following screen reader and browser combinations:

  • JAWS for Microsoft® Windows® - Use with Internet Explorer 11®
  • NVDA for Microsoft Windows - Use with Mozilla® Firefox®
  • Voiceover for Apple® iOS - Use with Safari®

Accessibility-related Questions, Concerns Or Feedback

If you have questions, concerns or feedback related to the functionality or accessibility of our websites, please let us know. Persons who are unable to access or are having difficulty accessing our websites or would prefer to contact us by phone should call us at 800-820-5318800-820-5318.

Note About External Websites

This policy applies to all content produced or updated by Hawaiian Airlines Cruise Vacations on its websites. Note that Hawaiian Airlines Cruise Vacations' websites may contain links to external websites that are not within the Company's control and may not follow the same accessibility policies and standards as Hawaiian Airlines Cruise Vacations. While Hawaiian Airlines Cruise Vacations does not operate or control these external websites, Hawaiian Airlines Cruise Vacations will ensure that the external website providers are aware of the Company's web accessibility policy. Additionally, Hawaiian Airlines Cruise Vacations will favor service providers who share a similar dedication to web accessibility for all individuals.